Is Magi Pod the new mini Imax?

Doug Trumbull’s new Magi Pod concept showing 3D 4K 120fps movies in an an immersive boutique cinema format could be the most significant challenger to Imax yet. …

Ang Lee Just Invented a New Form of Cinema

NAB2016 saw a demo “Billy Flynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 120fps 3D 4K. It was like nothing witnessed before. Afterwards the film’s director Ang Lee spoke about pushing the limits of cinema….

Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 2 May 2014 (Bumper Issue!)

It is not often that we start with a ‘Digital Death Watch’-type of story, but the Graham is not just an amazingly resilient single-screen cinema in North Carolina. This is also example of terrific college journalism that incorporates video (below),…

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