What to Expect: Digital Cinema Summit at Integrated Systems Europe – 12 February, Amsterdam

By Jan Runge | February 3, 2020 1:42 am PST

Integrated Systems Europe, the World’s biggest pro audiovisual trade show with more than 1.300 exhibitors and 80.000 participants, takes place from 11-14 February in Amsterdam. It’s a must go event for many technology partners of the cinema exhibition industry, including of course many ICTA members, and increasingly attracts cinema CTOs that wish to explore wider trends and innovations in audiovisual technology.

For the second time only, ISE this year again organises a satellite event on 12 February at the Okura hotel, the Digital Cinema Summit. The event is an opportunity for all to explore how advances in digital technology and further industry trends are transforming the cinema exhibition landscape around the World.

That’s why ICTA are delighted to again be associated with the Summit: we this year will contribute to the conference programme, which has largely been put together by Digital Cinema Report’s Nick Dager. Myself and David Hancock of the EDCF and IHS Markit will commence the conference with a kick-off conversation around key trends in digital cinema. And later in the day, Cineplex Germany’s Kim Koch, Jaime Tarrazon from the Spanish Cinema Federation FECE and Koen de Groot from Dutch Entertainment Association NVPI will discuss drivers and barriers to cinema going across Europe in a session chaired by the ICTA.

ISE Digital Cinema Summit 2019 – David Hancock and Jan Runge

Moreover, the conference will include a discussion on cinema advertising and event cinema, a panel on the question whether movies are still the focus of the cineplex and a round table on streaming’s impacts on cinema exhibition. All highly relevant topics for an industry undergoing fast change.

ICTA are also delighted to welcome a delegation of the cinema technology expert group from the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) to the event. Recognising that the ISE trade show floor may be challenging to navigate for first time visitors we together with Celluloid Junkie’s Patrick von Sychowski will provide an exclusive and cinema-focused tour of ISE for a limited number of participants before the Digital Cinema Summit kicks off. Email me (jan.runge@icta.eu.com) if you would like to take part in the tour, which I’m personally very much looking forward to.

Having partnered with ISE I have in the past been asked by some industry colleagues whether European cinema really needs another industry convention. A fair question given the myriad of national and regional conventions some of us have the pleasure to attend. We believe ISE and the Digital Cinema Summit bring added value. The event meets the need for more internationally focussed industry events in Europe. Furthermore, ISE provides the unique oppotunity to explore how other audiovisial sectors are transforming under the influence of new technologies.

Celluloid Junkie readers can register here for a 30 percent discount using the following code: DCS419908. Note that your registration to the Digital Cinema Summit also gives you free access to ISE.

Jan Runge