Sony Selling B-Stock Projectors at 50% Off

By J. Sperling Reich | February 10, 2009 11:29 pm PST

Who said recessions can’t be good for something?  After spending the last two years lugging countless 4K projectors around the world to show them off to exhibitors Sony now finds itself with an inventory of B-stock units they would like to unload.  Last week the manufacturer sent out an email to industry executives and equipment vendors announcing a a 50% off promotion on its SXRD 4K projectors.  According to the email all of the units that are up for grabs are completely refurbished and carry the same warranty and service options available on A-stock units.

So if you find yourself with a spare USD $34,000 and have a movie theatre you have always wanted to convert to digital, you can pick up Sony’s low-end SRX-R105.  The top of the line model, the SRX-S110 projects 10,000 lumen and is going for a mere USD $51,000.  Heck at those prices you may as well pick one up for your home so you can enjoy the upcoming Academy Awards telecast in all its 4K glory!

Here’s the promotional price list for all models:

Sony B-Stock Projector Sale

Those interested in taking advantage of this limited time offer have until March 20th to place their orders.  Act now while supplies last.  (I’ve always wanted to say that).

It looks as if Carol Hung is handling the promotion for Sony and she can be reached at 310-981-1597 or And before you start bombarding us with emails or comments about how we are advertising Sony’s product. . . we’re not.  I simply found this item interesting and thought others might too.  If you’re a vendor and ever decide to put expensive cinema equipment on sale, just let us know so we can prove we don’t play favorites.

UPDATE February 23, 2009: Sony got in touch with Celluloid Junkie today to inform us that the email promoting the sale of 4K SXRD projectors mentioned above was not actually intended for executives in the cinema industry, but was targeted towards those working in the areas of scientific visualization, training/simulation and certain types of post-production.  Sony’s SR100 series is more geared towards these uses than digital cinema.  For the time being, those looking for a sweet deal on one of Sony’s 4K d-cinema projectors will be out of luck.

J. Sperling Reich