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The Long and Short of AMC’s Financial Manuevers

The Naked Truth About What's Happening at AMC

There was no rest for the public relations department at AMC Theatres this holiday season. With most motion picture executives around the globe having already left the office for at least the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years, the senior management of the largest exhibitor in the world was hard at work buttressing their finances, reducing their debt, naming new board members, officially ending negotiations to acquire specific theatre assets from the recently bankrupt Cineworld, announcing a reverse stock split and taking over a shuttered Arclight Cinemas location in Boston.

All the while AMC’s chief executive officer, Adam Aron, took to Twitter like a far more rational and reasonable Elon Musk to say, in-part, that he would not be receiving a rase in 2023, nor would he be selling his shares of AMC stock. Indeed, all of this frenetic activity was surely designed to improve the stock price of the the company’s common shares and AMC Preferred Equity (APE) shares, as much as it was to signal to Wall Street that betting against AMC is very short sighted (a pun that will be made more clear upon reading our latest piece on the company).

Source : Celluloid Junkie