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First Japanese Cinema with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio Opens

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio opens in 10 auditoriums of United Cinemas theatre in Odaiba, Japan, in December

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio from Finland will open this December in 10 auditoriums of United Cinemas theatre in Odaiba, Japan. The first film to be shown with the technology will be “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio provides personal immersive audio and natural vibration. The augmented audio technology enhances the cinema sound experience with high-quality personal sound and physical vibration in each individual seat. This creates an immersive effect, including the vibration and clarity of sound, are especially welcome for people with hearing impairments.

Flexound has been in close collaboration with United Cinemas on multiple cinema projects in Japan, including FLEXOUND Pulse cinema sound, the world’s first fully loudspeaker-free cinema concept.

Source : Celluloid Junkie