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Study Finds Cinema Ventilation Enough to Minimise COVID Risk

Measurement of the spread of surrogate viruses (model viruses) in the cinema hall “Trifthof” in Weilheim to evaluate the effectiveness of air purification measures. (image: Fraunhofer IBP)

A study by Germany’s Fraunhofer IBP has found that regular ventilation is enough to minimise the risk of COVID transmissions in a typical cinema environment. Extensive tests were undertaken in two cinemas in Bavaria which back up previous research by Celluloid Junkie.  Our study at the end of last year showed that no COVID outbreak anywhere in the world had been linked to a cinema. We have been monitoring global reports throughout the year for any news that a COVID outbreak stemmed from a movie theatre or concert hall.

Fraunhofer’s  findings come at a critical time, with many governments imposing restrictions on cinemas that are more stringent than those imposed in those same markets on restaurants, bars and cafes.  Just this week on the CJ Cinema Summit, Mohit Bhargava informed us that, until recently, children under 12-years of age were not allowed inside cinemas, but were able to visit restaurants.

Source : Celluloid Junkie