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Movio Launches New Cinema Marketing Solution That Utilizes Advanced AI

Movio Announces Movio EQ

Movio, the marketing data analytics company that offers campaign management solutions to the cinema industry, launched a new product named Movio Cinema EQ geared at helping movie theatres better market film releases to audiences.

The new solution builds on more than a decade of movie marketing experience found in Movio’s current products. Movio’s AI now helps drive campaign creation so cinema marketers can more easily create dynamic, personalised communications to increase moviegoer visitation rates.

Movio’s proprietary AI tools use multiple algorithms to analyse cinema audiences’ past behaviours to predict how likely moviegoers are to watch a given movie. This is meant to help marketers avoid the guesswork of finding the best audience for each film, identifying opportunities to drive incremental attendance and deliver a better, more targeted moviegoer experience.

Source : Celluloid Junkie