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MoviePass Reveals More Relaunch Details

MoviePass Beta Subscription Plans

After it was announced in February that the once notorious movie ticket subscription service MoviePass would be revived later this year by its original co-founder, details about the relaunch have been scarce. That was until late August when said founder, Stacy Spikes, started making the media rounds to reveal MoviePass would be accepting signups to its waitlist for a beta program which would begin on 5 September.

When the waitlist went live company’s servers crashed under the weight of 30,000 signups. There were 460,000 signups within the first 24-hours and 775,000 in the first week. Now MoviePass has disclosed that the beta program will launch in Chicago, Dallas and Kansas City with three tiered pricing with monthly plans costing USD $10 for one to three movies, $USD 20 for two to four movies and USD $30 for three to five movies. How any many movies one can see under each plans depends entirely on when a subscriber wishes to see them; peak or off-peak showtimes.

When we spoke briefly with Spikes over the last week he was very optimistic about creating a sustainable service that will allow moviegoers to try out releases they wouldn’t have previously considered while providing incremental revenue for movie theatre operators they wouldn’t otherwise see. Indeed, Spikes has data on the box office lift specific independent films garnered during the first iteration of MoviePass.

Source : Insider