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MoviePass Relaunch Announced For Summer 2022

MoviePass Relaunch Event

MoviePass, the company that helped introduce moviegoing subscriptions to North America before infamously flaming out, plans on relaunching in the summer of 2022, albeit with some significant changes. The first revision to the new MoviePass is the return of its original co-founder and CEO, Stacy Spikes, who purchased the company out of bankruptcy.

Upon regaining control of MoviePass Spikes and his original engineering team asked “What do we do for a second act? How are we going to come back? How are we going to make this bigger, better, stronger, faster?” There are at least six new features in MoviePass 2.0 which dramatically change the way the entire service works. Originally, subscribers could see one movie per day and no movie more than once. Now they will be issued credits which will rollover from month-to-month.

Add to that the ability to bring friends, swap credits, and tiered pricing, not to mention a way to earn credits by watching advertisements. Built with Web3 technology, the new service completely upends the way MoviePass used to work by throttling subscriber activity in hopes of breakage and instead aims to turn the service into an end-to-end cinematic marketplace.

Source : Celluloid Junkie