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Fewer Sundance Acquisitions Heading to Movie Theatres

2022 Sundance Film Festival Acquisitions

If acquisitions activity at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival provides any insight into the current market for specialty and mid-tier movies, as tends to be the case with Sundance, then the near-future for cinema operators of all sizes is decidedly mixed.

Fewer of the movie that generated buzz and won awards than ever before will wind up being shown exclusively in cinemas. Indeed, a review of the movies that distributors purchased during this year’s Sundance is indicative of the current and short-term state of theatrical distribution, and as such, illustrates the challenge movie theatre owners will face when looking for titles to play in-between superhero blockbusters.

Celluloid Junkie looked at some of these movies streamers picked up, just in case someone gets the bright idea to put them in movie theatres as well as a rundown of those titles that will definitely be cinema-bound.

Source : Celluloid Junkie