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TikTok to Offer Movie Trailers and Showtimes

TikTok Showtimes

The short-form video service TikTok announced some updates to its app last week through a blog post. The platform is beloved by adolescents and the bane of existence for parents. The addictive app may have finally found a way to be useful, at least to studios and movie theatres, who will soon be able to use it to spread the word about upcoming and current titles.

TikTok is in introducing a new native solution they’ve dubbed Showtimes that allows distributors to showcase full-length trailers to generate interest and then seamlessly provides showtimes and theater information based on the users’ location. TikTok will drive users to ticketing partners to complete any purchases.

Presumably, TikTok has partnered with the ticketing companies to collect a referral fee and/or is selling ad campaigns to studios, or double dipping by doing both.

Source : TikTok