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The New Normal is Already Here. Get Used To It.

The Economist - The New Normal is Already Here. Get Used To It

The editors of The Economist want you to know you may never have to worry about your life falling into a humdrum routine, at least not for the foreseeable future.  They write:

“Is it nearly over? In 2021 people have been yearning for something like stability. Even those who accepted that they would never get their old lives back hoped for a new normal. Yet as 2022 draws near, it is time to face the world’s predictable unpredictability. The pattern for the rest of the 2020s is not the familiar routine of the pre-covid years, but the turmoil and bewilderment of the pandemic era. The new normal is already here.” 

Naturally, they are speaking of the past two pandemic years of unpredictable health regulations, mask-wearing, testing, travel bans and intermittent lockdowns.  Oh, and don’t forget about climate change.

Source : The Economist