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First Oma Cinema to Open in Mougin, France This Year

Unique cinema concept Oma Cinema will open its first installation in Mougin in the south of France later this year. The science fiction-inspired concept has seating pods “floating” in the centre of the cinema auditorium, similarly to opera boxes. Exhibitor CinéWest has stated that the cinema will open by Christmas this year, with CEO Daniel Taillandier providing some additional details about the world-first:

We are awaiting the delivery of the building by Altarea Cogedim to begin fitting-out work in mid-June, for approximately 6 months. The idea is to open before Christmas. There will be three rooms, an Oma room with 150 to 160 seats, and 2 other rooms with around 60 seats. In any case, we will be less than 300 seats because this is the commercial authorization capacity authorized for cinema by the CDACs.

CinéWest CEO Daniel Taillandier

Mougin currently has no cinema, with CinéWest operating the nearest cinema, La Strada cinema in nearby Mouans-Sartoux. The Mougin cinema will be managed as an extension of La Strade, as if the two “were a single site.” The programming will enable more films to be screened or for the same film to be offered in more than one type of setting. La Strada was recently also refurbished with new sound and image systems, seats, screen, carpet, exterior panels, hall, etc.

Source : Nice Matin