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Taking Account of Cineworld’s Bankruptcy

Cineworld In A Time of Bankruptcy

This past week Celluloid Junkie published a three part series examining some of the finer points and details of Cineworld’s ongoing bankruptcy filing. The purpose was to provide some analysis for what the bankruptcy means for the world’s second larges movie theatre chain and the industry-at-large.

The first of this three part series fills in some of the blanks about the bankruptcy process Cineworld has now embarked on and some of the subtleties that are often glossed over. The second part of the series lays out how Cineworld will deal with its creditors as the company moves through and exits the bankruptcy process. This third part reviews the affect Cineworld’s bankruptcy will have on other stakeholders in the market, not to mention what happens to the company’s shareholders.

Source : Celluloid Junkie