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Ōma Cinema Opens in Mougins, France

Oma Cinema in Mougins, France

Ōma Cinema, a new move theatre concept, has opened its doors at a Cinewest location in Mougins, France, promising a one-of-a-kind viewing experience for moviegoers. Inspired by traditional Italian opera house balconies and futuristic sci-fi layouts, Ōma Cinema features innovative architecture that sets it apart from traditional cinemas.

The cinema’s unique design, created by architect Pierre Chican, incorporates circular seating pods as part of a premium auditorium concept. The patented concept’s ‘vertical’ seating structure is designed to concentrate seating pods in the optimal viewing area, moving the traditional ‘first row’ seats further back in the theatre and the ‘back row’ seats closer to the screen. This approach aims to both improve viewing angles and create a more immersive experience for viewers. Plus it looks really cool.

“We wanted to bring something different and offer viewers something special as part of a premium in-person visit, which couldn’t be replicated at home,” says Nicolas Chican, co-founder at Ōma Cinema. “We saw a lack of evolution in cinema design in recent decades and felt that architecture could be a powerful tool to deliver something unique.”

The Ōma concept is fully customizable and available for rollout to other screens across the globe, either to renovate existing theatres or in new builds. The first official screening at the 160 seat Ōma Cinema auditorium in Mougins took place on 24 April.

Source : Celluloid Junkie