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Oma Cinema Announces India Rollout Plan With PVR

Oma Cinema

Oma Cinema and India’s largest and most premium cinema company, PVR Limited, have entered into an exclusive agreement at CinemaCon 2022.

Oma Cinema was created by renowned French architect Pierre Chican, who has designed some of the most cutting-edge cinemas in France over the last 30 years. Inspired by the design of the great theatres and opera houses, Oma Cinema’s unique tiered balconies, or “pods”, enable viewers to enjoy a unique, sociable, cinema experience while enjoying a perfect view of the screen.

Chican, Founder and President of Oma Cinema, said “We are excited to bring about the unique and proprietary concept of cinema pods to India with this exclusive tie up with PVR. Our designs ensure that each pod within an auditoria is unique and designed to perfection. The world of films and fantasy has now another feather in their cap.”

Source : Celluloid Junkie