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New Report Details Regulatory and Support Measures for European Cinema Exhibition Sector

European Audiovisual Observatory - Composition of Box Office Market by Film Type and Origin

The European Audiovisual Observatory has released a comprehensive analysis titled “Curtains Up on Regulation and Support Measures for the Cinema Exhibition Sector,” exploring the regulatory frameworks and public support mechanisms that shape the motion picture exhibition landscape in Europe. Authored by Sophie Valais, Deputy Head of the Observatory’s Department for Legal Information, the report delves into the historical and contemporary aspects of cinema exhibition, including the impact of regulatory measures and public funding on the cinema industry. The report aims to provide a roadmap for sustainable recovery and growth in the wake of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with policymakers, cinema operators, and industry stakeholders as its target audience.

The Observatory’s report examines the film commercialization circuit, highlighting the roles of distributors and exhibitors, and explores market trends such as cinema attendance and box office structures. It also addresses new strategies to attract audiences in an era increasingly dominated by streaming services and provides a solid education of the challenges and opportunities within the sector.

Perhaps the report is geared towards newly elected members the European Parliament as later chapters analyze Europe’s dual approach to public intervention in the cinema sector, a tactic that balances competition rules with cultural policy objectives. Entire chapters are dedicated to national regulatory tools, such as economic permits and cultural quotas, and others that outline the relevant EU legal framework on issues like theatrical exclusivity and release windows. Like similar reports, it also emphasizes the importance of a collective cinema experience and advocates for a balanced approach integrating technological innovation with public policies to ensure the vitality and cultural diversity of European cinema.

Source : European Audiovisual Observatory