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Netflix Upgrades and Reopens New York City’s Paris Theater

Paris Theater in New York City

Netflix has unveiled the revival of the historic Paris Theater in New York City, following significant upgrades that include the installation of a Dolby Atmos sound system and the technology to screen 70mm films, a format not seen at the theatre for over 15 years. The Paris Theater, located at 4 W. 58th Street, will mark its reopening with a program called “Big & Loud,” featuring classics and sonically immersive films from 1 t0 9 September. Notable films in the 70mm lineup include “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” among others.

Netflix plans to use The Paris Theater as a venue for Netflix’s original movies and special events, along with hosting retrospectives and filmmaker appearances. However, the theatre will not exhibit first-run titles from other distributors. With a seating capacity of over 500, the Paris is now Manhattan’s largest Dolby Atmos cinema and the city’s sole remaining single-screen theatre.

Netflix’s involvement with the Paris Theater began in 2019 when the streaming giant saved the theatre from closure. It briefly reopened in 2021 before undergoing upgrades. The Paris Theater has a rich history, having welcomed patrons since 1948, with its early years focused on French titles and foreign-language films, turning it into a cultural landmark for cinema enthusiasts.

Source : Filmmaker Magazine