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Moviegoing In Brazil Drops 46% After Pandemic

Instituto de Pesquisa Boca a Boca

A new study by the Boca a Boca Research Institute in Brazil is reporting that moviegoing in the country has declined significantly since the pandemic began. The survey included those that identified as casual moviegoers, meaning they would attend one movie per month. Prior to the pandemic 80% of this group would visit cinemas on average once per month. That number has dropped to 34% in the most recent report.

The survey, which was conducted in March of this year, included 216 participants aged 14 to 66, with women making up 60% of respondents. Results indicate that 23% of those surveyed go to the movies at least once a month, 6% go twice a month, and 5% go three more times. Previously, these figures were 36%, 26% and 18%.

Insecurity over health issues related to the pandemic seemed to be a major driver with 23% citing as the reason for avoiding movie theatres. The combination of mask mandates and low vaccine levels were specifically mentioned, though the latter is quickly becoming a non-issue as a majority of Brazil’s population becomes fully vaccinated.

The good news is that respondents are looking forward not only to the upcoming slate of big Hollywood action movies, but even more so to local productions. The Boca a Boca Research Institute is the leading company in Brazil tracking the theatrical film industry, including awareness of movie releases, test screenings and marketing material surveys.

Source : Exibidor