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Ingresso.com Rebrands and Plans To Grow Even Larger in Brazil

Ingresso.com on Multiple Devices

Two years following its acquisition by Universo Online (UOL), Brazil’s largest content and digital services company (think Yahoo), Ingresso.com has unveiled a series of enhancements and solutions aimed at fortifying the Brazilian film industry and increasing the 70% market share of the country’s leading online movie ticketing service. Mauro Gonzalez, Business Director at Ingresso.com, emphasized the company’s commitment to evolving and providing the best possible experience for consumers. “We are the main channel for fans of cinema and we are constantly evolving to provide the best experience to consumers, both in providing tickets for the sessions and in the usability of the website and application, promotions and benefits,” Gonzalez stated.

Working hand in hand with UOL, Ingresso.com recently rebranded as it strategically positions itself as the go-to destination on the internet for cinema enthusiasts in Brazil. It now will be delivering not only tickets but coverage of movie events, articles, and videos, aimed at capturing comprehensive engagement throughout the lifecycle of a film. Gonzalez highlighted, “To facilitate access for readers, the main films showing on Ingresso.com each week can be accessed directly from the UOL home page, which has 12 million unique visitors.”

As well, Ingresso.com continues to bolster its presence in Brazil through marketing campaigns promoting the ease of digital cinema ticket purchases, with nationwide coverage across various media platforms. In addition, subscribers to UOL products, automatically enrolled in Clube UOL, enjoy perks on Ingress.com, such as exemption from service fees and a monthly BRL R$20.00 (USD $4) coupon for ticket purchases through the platform. With its rebranding, the company is looking beyond cinema, with the goal of extending its operations into the events segment, including exclusive partnerships with major events like Rock in Rio and CarnaUOL.

Source : Exibidor