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Imagem Filmes Unveils 27 New Film Releases for 2023

Imagem Filmes - 30 November 2022

Things are looking up for exhibitors in Brazil, at least in regards to the number of movies headed to their theatres. On 30 November Imagem Filmes, a leading Brazilian independent film distributor based in Sao Paulo, held an event for the country’s cinema operators in order present their 2023 theatrical slate.

Exibidor reported that the company will bring 15 international films and 13 nationally produced films to theatres next year. Imagem is also rolling out three films before the end of 2022 including, “Pronto, Falei” and “O Amor Dá Voltas” and the American film “Terrifier 2.”

Underscoring how local productions will play an essential role in reviving Brazil’s post-pandemic cinema industry, Gustvao Romboli, Imagem’s Director of Sales said, “Imagem continues to bet firmly on national cinema. We need to work hand in hand to resume the box office of national films while also continuing to look at international films.”

Source : Exibidor