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French Cinema Attendance Remains Low

Pathé Beaugrunelle in Paris, France

Cinema attendance in France was 25% below pre-pandemic levels at the start of 2022, according to the Ministry of Culture. Ticket sales fluctuated between 20% and 25% below the level of the start of 2019 depending on the show and auditorium. There has also been the phenomenon of “polarisation,” where some screenings sell out and others remain empty. This is a worrying trend for Europe’s largest cinema market, which took an additional hit after the chaotic introduction of the “Covid pass” in the second half of 2021. Cinema is not the only form of entertainment to have been impacted, with live shows also seeing lower attendance.

The French government has pledged additional support to the arts world. Already the French state is estimated to have spent 14 billion euro in aid of the cultural sector since the start of the pandemic. According to Allo Cine:

In a press release, the government indicates: “The National Center for Cinema (CNC), the National Center for Music (CNM) and the Association for the Support of Private Theater (ASTP), which will manage this system, will benefit from support of €14 million”. Without specifying how much will be allocated to each. Worst month of January since 1994: the French box office collapses

Thus, a compensation system will cover part of “the loss of turnover over the entire restriction period” caused in particular by the ban on consuming confectionery and drinks in cinemas since January 3. last. This ban, which was to end on January 23, has been extended until Tuesday, February 15.

Approximately 15% of the revenue of French cinemas comes from the sale of concessions. From 28 February it will no longer be mandatory to wear masks indoor in cinemas and other cultural venues in France. It is hoped that this easing of restrictions will help boost attendance numbers.

Source : Le Monde