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Disney Prepared 1,065 Versions of “Avatar: The Way of Water” for Theatrical Release

Just how hard was it for Walt Disney Studios and Lightstorm to get James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water” in all of its different formats into theatres around the world for its December release date? A panel at the Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat outlined the extensive amount of work that went into preparing a record number of versions for the blockbuster.

Cameron and producer Jon Landau wanted each auditorium to have versions that were optimized for its equipment set up. Between 2D, 3D high dynamic range, high frame rate at 48 frames per second, various light levels, 2K, 4K, subtitles for 51 languages, etc. it meant Disney, 20th Century Studios, Lightstorm Entertainment and Deluxe created 1,065 unique versions of the “Avatar” sequel.

Marvel films usually have around 500 versions sent out. To get everything ready in time for the release dates, Disney began working on the deliverables for each version even before the picture was locked, breaking the film up into 15 reels. They were ultimately able to do quality control checks on 800 of the versions before the “Avatar: The Way of Water” hit theatres.

Source : Hollywood Reporter