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Cinionic Will Feature All-Laser Cinema Solutions at CineAsia

Cinionic, a leader in laser-powered cinema solutions, is returning toCineAsia 2022 for the convention’s inaugural year in Thailand. With over 100,000 projectors installed around the world, Cinionic is focused on enabling a sustainable future for cinema with innovative solutions. Cinionic’s exhibition space, dubbed Cinionic World, will showcase the company’s award-winning all-laser portfolio of cinema solutions and live demos. Cinionic World has been to CinemaCon and CineEurope and will make its CineAsia debut this year at the show’s new home at the True Icon Hall in Bangkok, December 5-8, 2022.

“We are proud to return back to CineAsia in a new era of innovation and advancement in cinema,” said Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “Sustainability is key for businesses today, including exhibition. Through technology like laser projection, we are increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and lowering energy consumption for a greener way to experience cinema.”

On Wednesday, 7 December, the company will present “2022 Cinionic Innovator Award” at the conference to TOHO Cinemas for their work to deliver elevated cinematic experiences to moviegoers throughout Japan with laser projection. The 2020 winner, Event Cinemas of Australia, will also be recognized after their award was postponed when the convention went on hiatus during the pandemic. The Cinionic Innovator Award honors the exhibitor in the APAC region who has shown a true commitment to wowing audiences with the latest in visual presentation technology while also contributing to a greener future for our planet.

As well Cinionic’s laser portfolio of cinema services and solutions will be on display at Cinionic World, in the VIP Cinema Lounge #1 in Major Cineplex’s Icon Cineconic Theatre throughout the show.

Source : Celluloid Junkie