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Chinese Cinema Openings Below 60%

The number of cinemas in China that are open has fallen below 60%, as “temporary” lockdowns related to the country’s Zero Covid policy continues to drag down the industry. As of 25 October there were 7,395 cinemas in operation, a decline of 109 from the day before. The operating rate was thus 59.70%, with 314,000 admissions, a decline of 16.86% from the same period the previous month. Box office stood at CNY 12.763 million (USD $1.76 million). This is the lowest level of cinema openings since mid-April, when less than 6,000 cinemas were in operation and cities such as Shanghai were in lockdown.

As a result of the closures and a lack of major tentpoles, whether local or Hollywood, box office in China fell to its lowest level since May of this year. In the week of 17-23 October the box office revenue for China was CNY 167 million (USD $23 million), representing a month-on-month decrease of 28.32% and setting a new low for a single-week box office since the end of May.

Source : Sina