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CGV Launches New ScreenX PLF Concept

ScreenX Premium Large Format

Korean cinema major CJ CGV has unveiled a new premium large format (PLF) concept with ScreenX. It is an upgraded version of the ScreenX immersive screen that projects images in a 270 degree field of vision. There is also the addition of a private booth in the back, that allows audiences the ability to watch the film in an enclosed balcony.

CGV opened the Screen X PLF theater in Yeongdeungpo and Seomyeon. The former featured the Starium Hall, which is said to have held the record for the largest screen size, reopened with 462 seats. The new ScreenX PLF auditorium boasts a screen 69 meters in width, that uses 10 projectors.

In addition the auditorium features a so-called “Private Box.” It is presented as “a new high-end theater format,” which allows an audiences of two to four people to watch a movie while completely isolated from the outside. Each box features a reclining sofa and air purifier, with individual speakers installed in each sound-proofed box to reinforce the sound system.

Source : Celluloid Junkie