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B&B Theatres Opens Upscale Family Entertainment Center in Red Oak, Texas

B&B Theatres Red Oak 12 in Red Oak, Texas

Amidst the Covid pandemic, Kansas City-based B&B Theatres expanded into the fifth largest cinema operator in the United States through strategic acquisitions. In March, the family-run company used the grand opening of their most ambitious multiplex to date to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Yet B&B Theatres’ Red Oak 12 in Red Oak, Texas south of Dallas is better classified as a family entertainment center rather than a multiplex. Besides its 12 movie screens, the facility features a restaurant, three full service bars, a 16-lane bowling alley, 64-game full redemption arcade, a rock climbing wall and outdoor entertainment space that includes pickleball courts.

It took nearly six years to bring the project to fruition and 18 months to construct the 80,000 square foot (7432 square meter) complex. It has two premium large format auditoriums, including one with ScreenX, an auditorium with a play area geared toward families with young children and even one with chaise loungers. Upon opening the Red Oak 12 has quickly become one of the top earning theatres in the U.S. on certain titles and B&B is working overtime to keep up with the demand for the venue’s restaurant. As for the pickleball courts, if you want to play on weekends it’s best to arrive early to avoid an hours long wait time.

Source : Celluloid Junkie