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Vue Bringing Eurovision to UK Movie Theatres

We have always been big believers that cinemas can be used to not only show movies, but television series, sporting events, concerts and other live performances. Now, one of the largest exhibitors in Europe is proving this theory by showing one of the world’s biggest annual entertainment events in its UK theatres.

Vue, based in the United Kingdom, will be screening the grand finale of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest live on 13 May. Last year’s event was watched on television by over 170 million around the globe. The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won the contest in 2022, however this year’s event is taking place in Liverpool due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.

In a statement announcing the screenings Robert Lea, Head of Screen Content at Vue, said: “Eurovision is one of the biggest television events of the year, and is set to be bigger than ever in the UK this year as Liverpool plays host, so we are thrilled to be bringing it to the big screen for the first time. Every song, every vote and every larger than life moment will be live streamed in amazing picture and sound quality for fans to enjoy with each other in the comfort of our premium seating.”

Source : Screen Daily