Atom Seating in Association With Skeie Seating AS Delivers a Landmark Project in Norway

Atom Seating has successfully completed Phase 1 of Edda Kino's renovation project, introducing 102 and 116 premiere seats in Audi 6 and 7
Atlanta, GA ( June 17, 2024 ) -

Atom Seating has successfully completed Phase 1 of Edda Kino’s renovation project. This phase introduces 102 and 116 premiere seats in Audi 6 and 7, respectively, provided by Atom Seating. These seats include Gliders, VIP Recliners and Day-Beds.

Edda Kino serves as a prime example of the extensive customization capabilities offered by Atom Seating. Audi 6 houses standard VIP recliners in varied love seat and double arm configurations. Similarly, Audi 7 is now home to an array of recliners, gliders and day-bed options, with recliners available in love seat and double arm designs, featuring a mix of faux leather and polyester.

Each seat is equipped with embroidered seat numbers, neo tray tables, auto return function, safety features, and weight sensors. Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort and luxury at Edda Kino with our latest installations.

About Edda Kino
Edda Kino, the largest cinema theatre in Haugalandet, Norway, is a true cinematic landmark with a seating capacity of 896. Since its establishment in 1978 with a single hall, Edda Kino has expanded into a premier complex featuring seven state-of-the-art halls. Its rich history includes being the primary venue for the Norwegian Film Festival, hosting the prestigious event in 1979, 1981, 1984, 1985, and annually since 1987. In January 2024, Edda Kino further cemented its status as an industry leader by earning the Green Conference certification, becoming an environmental beacon in the cinema industry.

Atom Seating & Skeie’s Partnership
We extend our sincere appreciation to Skie Seating, our esteemed partners in Europe, for their continued support in executing this project. Skeie is our official European partner in 13 countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg regions.

About Atom Seating
Atom Seating has been a trusted seating partner for cinema owners across the United States, Europe and the UAE. From personalization to the latest technology in recliners, we are a modern day seating company with a mission to make cinema watching a luxurious and plush experience.

Minutely designed and crafted for the 21st century movie goers, Atom Seating’s line of recliners promises an unmatchable seating experience. From cinema theatres to living rooms, hotels, conference rooms and more, Atom Seating’s recliners, gliders and rockers are designed to fit into a variety of settings. Moreover, our latest Floater Recliner Mechanism offers cinema owners an opportunity to quickly upgrade their cinema seats with the best recliner technology without incurring additional civil cost.

While the seating needs for Audi 6 and 7 at Edda Kino have been met, progress continues on Audi 1 – phase 2, which will accommodate 324 seats and is expected to be completed in the upcoming months. This auditorium will showcase Atom Seating’s top-of-the-line VIP recliners, furnished with faux and wool upholstery to create a cozy atmosphere akin to being at home. Audi 1 will be ready just in time for the 2024 edition of the Norwegian film festival.

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