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Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 25 March 2015

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France – It is ‘Cinema Spring’ in France for the 16th year when tickets are sold for just 3.50 euro for every show for three days (Sunday-Tuesday) this past week. France is one of the few European markets where cinema going is up, partly thanks to government and industry initiatives like this.

It’s time to refuel dreams and emotions! If gorging cinema is not necessarily accessible to all budgets, the “Spring of cinema” will clearly make things easier. From today until Tuesday night included in cinemas department, all sessions are single price of 3.50 € (Supplement 3 D). The offer is particularly attractive and events are offered in addition to the weekly schedule.  LINK

20 Minutes takes the opportunity to publish “Spring Cinema: Five misconceptions about cinema attendance in France.”


Rentrak has partnered Cinepolis in India to offer daily cinema attendance figures. It’s been a slog for Rentrak to break into the Indian market. The fact that it already has an agreement with Cinepolis in markets such as Mexico and US probably helped this.

The movie measuring consumer viewership information provider Rentrak has joined hands with Indian multiplex operator Cinepolis. With this tie-up, Rentrak will launch its box office service to report daily theater-level information for Cinepolis, the third largest multiplex operator in India, in terms of box office revenues.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 11 March 2015

Christie D3D Cinema

An interesting partnership between Christie and D3D Cinema to cater to the somewhat forgotten dome cinema market. The architectural requirements means that this won’t be a major league Imax/PLF format rival, but could fill an untapped niche. Christie and D3D previously collaborated on the Moody Gardens project.

Christie® and D3D Cinema have partnered in a joint effort to provide a premium experience using Christie’s laser projection platform for tilted giant screen dome cinemas. R&D and preliminary testing is underway in conjunction with a host of third-party partners, from veteran dome cinematographers and post-production labs to optics specialists and test bed theaters.

D3D Cinema will be shooting original dome test footage in multiple digital and 70 mm formats in the coming months. Classic 70 mm dome content will be scanned at 11K resolution, mastered and frame-interpolated for laser optimized high dynamic range and high frame rate playback. The world’s first and only projection display capable of reaching Rec2020, Christie laser technology provides the widest color gamut available and the company is designing its laser-illuminated cinema projector solutions to accommodate the configurations necessary for proper dome exhibition. Testing will continue through the summer with an anticipated demonstration to select buyers in the fall of 2015. The system will be made available through D3D to institutional dome giant screen clients with D3D targeting the first rollouts for integration in early 2016.  LINK

Poland Isis flag

Poland – A Polish municipal cinema in Bydgoszcz has found itself the unlikely target of a hack attack purporting to be from ISIS (Islamic State). Strange target or a moronic prank?

To attack probably occurred over the weekend, because the strange contents page surprised the employees of the Municipal Cultural Centre yesterday morning. Kino Orzel (“Eagle”) is part of the MCC. When you open the web site showed a red inscription: “Hacked by Islamic State”, and under it – the flag of the “state”, which is a black rectangle with Arabic subtitles.

Thanks to the person who recognized the language could decode them. It is the Muslim profession of faith: “There is no God but Allah. Muhammad is His messenger. ” Under the banner of repeated information that the site was hacked by ISIS (Islamic State abbreviation), http and eloquent post: “We are everywhere”, bearing the [;-) emoticon] symbol of a winking eye.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 6 March 2015

Sad movies concessions popcorn

USA - Last year the same Cornell lab blamed action films, now sad films, for people eating more snacks. Free hankies with every tub of super sized popcorn and extra large soda.

Sad movies are bad news for diets. A newly reported study from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab showed movie-goers watching tearjerkers ate between 28% and 55% more popcorn both in the lab and in a mall theater during the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to findings published in a JAMA-Internal Medicine research letter, movie goers ate 28% more popcorn (125 versus 98 grams) when watching the tragedy Love Story than when watching the comedy Sweet Home Alabama.  LINK

Imax home

Imax home screen are now available to order for Russian oligarchs, Malaysian millionaires and the other 0.01% uber wealthy Londoners, as long as they have a basement two storeys high and a couple of million quid (popcorn machine not included). Just don’t ask Odeon to run it for you. [joke!]

London’s super-rich film fans can now have an IMAX screen installed in their homes – at a cost of at least £1.8million.

IMAX Private Theatre has now been launched across Europe, meaning those with the money, space and inclination may now have the equipment used in London venues such as the IMAX Waterloo in the comfort of their own homes.

Due to the size of the screen alone, the minimum space requirement for the system and room for about 10 seats is 22ft wide, 12ft tall and 40ft deep.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 25 February 2015

Box office 2015

Cinemas in North America are on track for a record year, with share prices of the major exhibitors already reflecting this box office optimism.

Analysts expect that box-office revenue this year in the United States and Canada will soar past $11.5 billion, outpacing the record $10.9 billion set in 2013, when blockbusters such as “Frozen” and the second “Hunger Games” movie debuted. And theaters already are performing more than 10 percent better than they were at this time last year, when films such as “The Lego Movie” became surprise hits.

The splashy start has pushed shareholders to invest in some of the country’s biggest theater chains: This year, AMC Entertainment‘s stock is up 24 percent, Carmike Cinemas is up 18 percent, Cinemark is up 17 percent and Regal Entertainment Group is up 11 percent.  LINK


Having previously tested the waters with “War Horse” in 4K, Sony has now partnered London’s National Theatre to beam four NT Live stage shows over the next 12 months in 4K. (Sadly for Cumberbatch fans, his “Hamlet” from the Barbican will only be in 2K.)

The initiative between Sony Digital Cinema, National Theatre Live and cinema chain Vue Entertainment International will kick off with the NT’s production of David Hare’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers, based on the book by Katherine Boo, directed by Rufus Norris and starring Meera Syal.

During the 12-month agreement, Vue customers at 83 sites across the country will exclusively be able to enjoy the productions projected in 4K – the highest quality currently possible with commercial digital cinema projection.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Monday 23 February 2015


Imax’s quarterly earnings were down slightly, but ahead of Wall Street’s expectations. The company said that it is focusing on international expansion and expects to cross 1,000 screens this year.

IMAX Corporation signaled that international markets will be an ongoing focus in the years ahead as it announced fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday.

The Canadian company reported fourth quarter revenues of $102.4 million, down from $105 million during the same period in 2013.

Net income also took a dip in 2014, with the company reporting $22.5 million for the year compared to $27.8 million in 2013, while full-year 2014 revenues were $290.5 million compared to $287.9 million the year before.  LINK

American sniper

A troubling finding about Americans’ attitudes to movies in the cinema and at home, based on a CBS poll. The good news is that the younger demographic leans more towards cinema than the older, though only slightly.

2014 marked the lowest box office take for Hollywood in nearly two decades — a fact borne out by a recent CBS News poll, in which Americans, by a wide majority, say they watch more movies at home than at the theatre.

According to the poll, 84 percent of Americans say they watch more movies on a small screen at home, while just 4 percent say they watch more movies on a big screen at the theater. Ten percent say they watch about the same amount equally.

In fact, Americans say they prefer the small screen. A majority of 57 percent find watching a movie on a small screen at home to be more enjoyable, while just 36 percent say they prefer taking in a big-screen experience.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 17 February 2015

AMC Wanda logo

AMC has published its 2014 Q4 and year-end figures and though admissions and ticket sales were down, F&B revenue was up as the exhibitor continues to focus on the “guest experience.”

Highlights for the fourth quarter 2014 include the following:

  • Total revenues were $712.2 million compared to total revenues of $713.0 million for the three months ended December 31, 2013.
  • Admissions revenues were $460.3 million compared to $482.1 million for the same period a year ago. Average ticket price was $9.54 compared to $9.57 for the same period a year ago.
  • Food and beverage revenues were $215.3 million, compared to $197.9 million for the quarter ended December 31, 2013. Food and beverage revenues per patron increased 13.5% to $4.46, representing the highest in the history of the Company.
  • Earnings from continuing operations and diluted earnings per share from continuing operations were $29.8 million and $0.30, respectively, compared to $282.6 million and $3.62, respectively, for the three months ended December 31, 2013.  LINK

Light Cinema under water

UK – Up-amd-coming coming UK exhibitor The Light Cinemas has secured GBP £5.2 million in new funding from Connection Capital to further expand.

The investment from Connection Capital was supported by £4.5m of funding from Santander.

The investment will be used to acquire a nine-screen multiplex cinema in the centre of Cambridge from Cineworld.

It will also fund the roll-out of further sites across the UK – Bolton, Sheffield, Thetford (Norfolk), Dundee, Stockport and Walsall – all of which are secured under a signed agreement for lease.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 13 February 2014


Regal has announced its 2014 Q4 figures, which are up, up, up in all departments, on the back of an improved film slate. Reason enough for it not to want to sell itself any longer. Dividend was also announced.

Total revenues for the fourth quarter ended January 1, 2015 were $799.1 million compared to total revenues of $739.9 million for the fourth quarter ended December 26, 2013. Net income attributable to controlling interest was $46.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to $24.0 million in the fourth quarter of 2013. Diluted earnings per share was $0.30 for the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to $0.15 during the fourth quarter of 2013. Adjusted diluted earnings per share (1) was $0.30 for the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to $0.17 during the fourth quarter of 2013. Adjusted EBITDA (3) was $163.5 million for the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to $125.8 million for the fourth quarter of 2013. Results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2014 and for fiscal 2014 were significantly and positively impacted by the timing of our fiscal calendar which consisted of a 14 week period in the fourth quarter of 2014 compared to a 13 week period in the fourth quarter of 2013 and a 53 week period in 2014 compared to a 52 week period in 2013. The additional week was the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, a traditionally high attendance week for the company and the industry. Reconciliations of non-GAAP financial measures are provided in the financial schedules accompanying this press release. LINK

Lotte Popcorn

South Korea – Popcorn profeteering and misleading film start times (actually advertising block) has become a civic cause in South Korea.

South Korean civic groups and the Democratic Youth Federation and the promotion of the Law Society was held in front of the 9pm news conference, said Lotte Cinema, South Korea Studios CGV, Lotte Cinema and theater in general MEGABOX the existence of “popcorn profiteering” and “mandatory advertising,” and a series of injustice, against the interests of consumers. According to the Korea Association of consumer groups last year statistics, the results of the three big companies sell snacks original show that vat of popcorn sells for 5000 yuan (about 29 yuan), but the raw material price is only 613 yuan, the price of the raw material actually 8.2 times the price. One consumer said, can not help but read more than 20 minutes of advertising, movie tickets in actually also includes the cost of 3D glasses, himself unknowingly become “taken for a ride.”  LINK

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China Cinema Digest – Thursday 5 February 2015


“Who stole my box office takings?!”

Ten Chinese cinemas have been named-and-shamed for operating dual ticketing systems that enabled box office fraud. This is down from 16 in the last quarter of 2014.

China The film Distribution and Exhibition Association (the “Association”) issued a public notice, informing the 10 theaters in the recent illegal use of “dual system” ticket, movie box office revenue evasion concealed, withheld ticketed and other irregularities. Announcements, during the “One hundred thousand bad jokes”, “symphony” release, the presence of two theater tickets using hand trapped ticketed violations.

It is reported that 10 illegal theater, there are five cinemas Ltd. Guangdong earth. In 2014, the mainland film market continues to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, the main driver of growth gradually shifted from the city center to the second and third tier cities. Earth Cinema theater is equipped with a third-tier cities to open up this group of high-speed trains, has made leaps and bounds. But, second and third tier cities viewing conditions are mature, with viewers shadow gradually develop the habit, but reveal concealed box office, “dual system” theater tickets and other violations still repeated, become one of the worries movie market.  LINK

Beijing Chinese Commercial News has a detailed article about what is behind the fraud (“the cinema development trend of the past two years can only be describe as blind expansion”) and what needs to be done to prevent future fraud.

Although so far, the Association for the violation theater penalty processing is not yet clear, but according to regulations, someone need to pay a fine theater 300 000 -100 million, while stopping for 4-6 months slice, and then cancel the front-end After returning, the funding and incentive eligibility punishment.

However, the company issued a video Zhe Zeng, head of view, “Even a fine of 100 million, compared to steal the box office profits, such as illegal or low cost, but also because of this, evasion concealed box office phenomenon will be repeated, in order to effectively suppress, I think it also needs to increase the punishment. ”  LINK

Wanda Cinema IPO

The Wanda Cinema IPO has made paper millionaire of a lot of Wang family members. But the millions of shares they bought for 1 yuan (not per share but for ALL of them) cannot be cashed in for three years. The share price is expected to rise further as it currently only trades at 19.1 times price-earnings ration, compared to an average of 33-1 for the cinema industry.

It should be noted that the cost of obtaining these hundred million shares worth only 1 yuan. In 2010, Wang Jianzhong, Wang can, WANG Jian-chun, Wang Jianchuan won four equity transfer Wanda Cinema, and the transfer of the total price you are one yuan, the reason is that these four people as brothers and Wang Jianlin. The move is also considered, the richest man Wang Jianlin back to their family members.

However, the four who wishes will be realized equity is not achievable in the short term. Wanda Cinema listed before, because there is any relationship with the actual control of Wang Jianlin, Wang Jianzhong, who has promised a “spontaneous issuer pedestrians from the date of the stock market within 36 months, I do not transfer or entrust others to manage my holdings public offering of shares issued before, neither the issuer by the issuer to repurchase own shares held by the public offering of shares issued before. ” This means, Wang Jianzhong, who only after January 22, 2018, before they can cash in the secondary market or through block trades.  LINK

Sina Finance is bullish on Wanda in an article that reads like a paid advertorial. A more balanced overview of the IPO and the future plans of Wanda by Win Business Network can be found here.

Wanda has also announced plans to work with Greenview Group to launch community cinemas in South China:

(Win Business Network Shenzhen station reported) recently won the Business Network reporter from Greenview Group was informed just listed Wanda Cinema to build positive brand new theater group to explore cooperation with the Greenview. Sources said Wanda Cinema is planning to build a brand new community theater, with the intention of Greenview’s junior ? series of community shopping center for cooperation that the two sides have reached a preliminary agreement on strategic cooperation.

January 23, “home cinema first unit,” Wanda Cinema at the first day of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after landing, Managing Director Shigeru army that had led a delegation to visit Shenzhen Greenview Group nonstop, with the desire Greenview Group Junior ? Mall Series seek strategic cooperation. This action led to the industry’s expansion strategy Wanda Cinema attention and speculation.  LINK

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Daily Cinema Digest – Monday 26 January 2015

Imax Carnival Vista

USA – Given how large cruise ships have become it was inevitable that sooner or later one of them would get an Imax cinema.

Carnival is partnering with entertainment innovator IMAX® to bring the world’s most immersive cinematic experience to sea with the first-ever IMAX® Theatre on a ship. Guests will take in the latest Hollywood blockbusters, IMAX classics and IMAX documentary content on a screen that’s three decks high. Next door at the Thrill Theater, moviegoers can enjoy a multi-dimensional special effects experience. Both are part of the Carnival Multiplex, a first at sea for film fans, complete with concession stand offering popcorn and movie snacks. The Warehouse, featuring a variety of video and arcade games, is located adjacent to the Carnival Multiplex.

The largest ship in the fleet, Carnival Vista will measure 133,500 tons, 1,055 feet long and have a guest capacity of 3,936 (based on two per cabin). The new vessel will debut May 1, 2016, with a 13-day cruise departing from Trieste, Italy — the first European voyage for Carnival in three years.  LINK

Theory of Everything

Having evicted a man in a wheelchair last week, Odeon is then unable to provide access to a screening of “The Theory of Everything” for – wait for it – a boy in a wheelchair.

An Odeon cinema in Harrogate has told a disabled boy that they couldn’t accommodate his wheelchair for any of its nine weekend screenings of Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything – including ones on national Disabled Access Day.

His mother Kelly told the Mirror: “He said to me the film was supposed to inspire people but how can somebody in a ­wheelchair be inspired if they can’t see it? I cried when he said that.” The boy, 12-year-old Joe France, said that he was “disappointed”, as “Stephen Hawking is one of my top three heroes. I thought it was going to be a very special day.”  LINK

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Why North American Movie Ticket Prices Rose In 2014

Movie Tickets In Popcorn

A week after the investment firm PricewaterhouseCooper released a survey in which found 53% of its 1,000 respondents felt movie tickets cost too much, the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) reports that the average cost of a movie ticket in 2014 rose to USD $8.17.

That figure is a 0.50% increase from the USD $8.13 average cost of a movie ticket in 2013. Movie ticket prices roller-coastered in 2014 from quarter-to-quarter but generally stayed above the USD $8 mark. The second quarter saw price levels topping out at USD $8.33 before declining to USD $8.08 during the third quarter before rising once again to USD $8.30 for the last three months of the year. Fourth quarter prices were actually down year-over-year from USD $8.33 in 2013.

We have found these numbers, taken without considering any context or analysis, can be a bit misleading. For instance, many industry-watchers might assume the cost of a movie ticket declined in the fourth quarter of 2014 because exhibitors were lowering prices to attract audiences during a down year in attendance and box office. While that may account for a portion of the decline, it’s also helpful to look at the releases in theatres during the fourth quarter of both years.

In 2013, “Gravity” was doing blockbuster business on its way to Academy Award nominations and Oscar wins. Because the film was shot in 3D and with IMAX in mind, many moviegoers chose to see it in those formats, both of which come with premium ticket prices. On the other hand, in 2014, we had “Interstellar” on its way to doing decent business, which though popular on IMAX was not released in 3D, and “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” which performed weaker than expected.

This of course is assuming that the average ticket price is calculated by dividing the period’s box office by its admissions. Historically however, NATO has conducted a survey of its members to determine the average ticket price for a quarter or year.

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